We stood, a grey and lifeless crowd. We expected nothing, were given nothing, did nothing. The silence was our melody as we withered lovingly into nothing.

And then an unfamiliar man broke the spell. He spoke of art and philosophy, of living a life less full of flaws and regrets. Of harmony, of honour, of hate, and of heuristics.

Others began to shush him. One asked him to quiet down, lest he be plucked from the crowd like ripened fruit. The wise man's response rung true within me.



The trouble was that he was talking in philosophy but they were listening in gibberish.
Terry Pratchett, “Small Gods” (1992)

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9/4/1997: College Media Journal Music Marathon 1997

9/4/2000: Disinfo.con 2000

5/11/2001: New Music West 2001

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5/28/1999: I don’t like the media, but the media likes me.
Published as Columbine: Whose Fault Is It? in Rolling Stone magazine at 6/24/1999.

7/29/1999: Omega Message 015
Here is your fucking Internet manifesto!

12/15/1999: Is adult entertainment killing our children? Or is killing our children entertaining adults?

3/3/2003: Putting Holes Into Happiness

5/22/2011: Rapeture

1/11/2016: David Bowie Changed My Life Forever


Marilyn Manson is a living work of art and an anti-popstar. His fine art is an extension of his complex personality and expansive creativity – from his performance art on stage, to his song writing, to his intimate and revealing paintings.
Brigitte Schenk, "Marilyn Manson: Trismegistus" Press Release (2008)


One thing concerning Mr. Manson is certain, and that is what he is, he is us and we are him, and it is that which lays the foundation for the phenomenon of Marilyn Manson.
Stephanie Kemmerer, "I AM YOU: The Face Of Marilyn Manson" (1997)

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Hatezine (or what the MM kids did instead of killing people)
Hatezine is a low-circulation, independent magazine dedicated to expressing people's natural feelings of angst in a safe, only verbally violent manner.


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