marilyn manson is good

this is a page about the kindness of Marilyn
and the rest of Marilyn Manson
many people do not know
how many good things they have done
but we could tell stories
rooms and food for stranded kids
cabs home for the wasted
concern shown
some people dismiss Marilyn as hateful and wicked
they don't know him

I have permission to use the following testimonies of kind deeds.
These things did not happen to me.
Most are certifiably true and third-party-verifiable, as told to me by the parties involved or their authorized storytellers;
where I have no such verification, I've just trusted to good sense and my knowledge of the band.
Where I have permission to identify the people involved in a story, I have done so.

"When I met Manson here in Denver during the OzzFest, he was doing a 'Make a Wish Foundation' thing for this little 9 yr old boy who was dying of leukemia. He went up into this booth, and spent about a half an hour with this kid. He also gave the kid his pager number! =) Anyway, my point is that when he came back from the booth, he was crying. He actually laid his head on my shoulder and said: "Just when I think it's not worth it anymore, I meet someone like him." It about broke my heart!"

--Zann Zepar

"Hallowe'en '96: -- A bunch of us had been going to the whole slew of tour dates preceding the Halloween show. (Guess we were recognizable at that point, as we were constantly in the front row every night.) After the Halloween show ended, the group of us were hanging out by the bus. We all musta looked pretty beat by that point after nights of shows, and not eating much in the past few days. One of the crew members came back with 3 huge boxes of Taco Bell take-out - he walked onto the bus with the boxes of food, and moments later stepped back off the bus still carrying one box. He handed it to our group and said "Manson said for me to order a lot of food 'cuz he didn't want you all to starve--eat up..."

I think that had to be the best Taco Bell I've ever had. =)"

"A few friends (also frequently seen in the front row) had traveled to Texas to see several Manson shows... as they were starting to head back home, Marilyn got worried that they wouldn't have enough $$$ to make it back, so he offered them $100 for gas and whatnot for the trip home. (they declined, as they did have enough $$, but it's the thought that counts)."

"Back in Nov. '95 I had gone to the 2 NYC shows MM played at Irving Plaza. I found out from Twiggy at the second of the shows that they were going to be in Philly PA the next night. He asked if I'd be going to that one too... I told him I couldn't because I didn't have enough $$. He did his little pout thing (that he does oh, so well) and kept insisting that I should go. I told him I would if I could find enough money. He said OK and gave me a hug. The next day, I decided to go anyway even tho I didn't have the $$. I kinda grubbed some money while waiting on line, but still didn't have enough for a ticket. It was nearing door time, and I was about to give up, when I reached into my pocket for something and found a $20 bill. I had no idea where it had come from, but hey! ...I bought a ticket and went in. After the show I was hanging out by the bus hoping to get to speak to the boys. Twiggy came out and right over to me. He said "see, I told you that you'd make it" I told him how I found the unexplainable $ which he replied "hugs are good" and he gave me that sly *i know something* smirk of his. It dawned on me then that it was him who put the $20 in my pocket while hugging me the night before!!! I think that's prolly one of the nicest things someone could have done for me."

"Ok...i just about died laughing when i saw your Marilyn Manson is Good page.
The Beanie Babies and little duckies are just oh-so-cute.
I thought my story, although it may not compare, would be appropriate for the page.
Here it goes...

My experience took place over 3 years ago. (I can't believe it's been so long). After weeks of torment, my mother agreed to let me go to not one, but two Marilyn Manson shows. Back to back. It wouldn't be a big deal now... but I was 14 at the time, still in high school... you know the deal. Manson was playing Cleveland (my hometown) October 21st and Columbus, OH on the 22nd. Manson did a signing the 21st at (the now defunct) Chain Link Addiction before the show. I was very excited, and as a nice gesture I bought Twiggy a Scooby Doo lunchbox. Well, needless to say he loved it. He asked me if I wanted passes for the show that night... and for the next night as well. So, here's me, 14 - I dont know anyone, and I'm backstage at this Marilyn Manson show. I should've been excited but i was so nervous and so scared... I just sort of sat there. Manson spotted me... came over, struck up some conversation and dubbed me his "little chicken killer". (in case anyone wonders why he chose that... I had a sign at that show... and for many shows to come, that said "KILL THE CHICKENS". I may not have been the first to have the sign... but I was definitely one of the first otherwise I don't think it would've been that big of a deal). [As I remember Erika telling this story at the time, Manson said "nothing's too good for our little chicken killer,", which completely delighted her as you may well imagine. ==a==] The former Daisy and Manson himself commented on how the sign made their night, which was nice enough in itself. Well, the next night, after the show, everyone was bummed because there was no after-show. It was getting late, the band was all packed up on the bus and ready to go. I was just sort of standing near the bus, hoping to say "goodbye" or something stupid. Well, just when I had given up hope and I was about to walk away, Ginger steps off the bus and walks towards me. He had a small package in his hand. He hands it over and says "This is from Marilyn". I couldn't believe it. I said "Thank you" and he stepped back on the bus. I opened it up... it was a piece of notebook paper with some goodies inside. There was something scribbled on the paper... it said "Thanks Chicken Killer... Love, Marilyn." Inside the paper were two eyeball gumballs and a white marble with a drawing of Marilyn Monroe on it that said "Marilyn says 'Play with This'". It's definitely something I'll never forget. Thank you! =)

Ok, there it is. =) You can use my name... Erika, Chicken Killer. Chikin, either or both... whatever you want."

This nice thing happened at Reading 97, my first (due to serious parental discipline... we're talking locking me in my room for the London tour date). As you may know, Manson et al did not want to do this show - he had food poisoning and the actual show was beset with technical difficulties for Pogo and Zim. I can't compete with the Twiggy $20 story, but what happened meant a lot to me.

I was in the second row, between Zim and Manson, crushed beyond belief, as I had been for FOUR HOURS. They began, and halfway through the first song (Angel) the guy behind me decided he'd jump on my back, to get a better view or whatever. Definately no joke - he was screaming 'Let me up you motherf**king bitch.' and clawing at my hair. I was so angry, and scared, and the build up to this moment... SEEING THEM, FINALLY... had been so intense, I started to cry, scream, plead with him to leave me alone. The people around me tried to get him off me but it was so tight they could hardly move and there was nowhere for HIM to go (if he'd been paying any attention). The Security guards were busy with the crowdsurfers, and I just felt the bottom of my stomach fall out in the emotional agony of this moment being spoiled by some asshole who I couldn't get away from.

Suddenly, this MASSIVE roadie [--the redoubtable Aaron. ==a==] runs to the edge of the stage and starts shouting and waving at the Security men. Before I know what's happening the guy behind me has been dragged out of the pit by his T-shirt. After the (incredible) show finished, about twenty people who had been in the crowd came up to me seperately and told me that Zim had shouted at aforementioned Roadie, gesturing toward my area, which had set these events in motion. I was totally overwhelmed, and, icing on the cake, someone sent me a copy of their videotape of the show, which shows the whole thing.

A lasting testimony to the kindness of the Band.


"I have something Manson did when I went to the show in PA:

I had a back stage pass to hang out with the Rev. and the group after the show, when it was over, I had the pass around my neck, trying to make my way through the crowd of church goers outside. They saw the pass and ended up ripping it off and tore it in pieces, then handed it back. I was so upset I couldn't do anything but cry (I'm 16) I went behind the building the concert was held in, and sat on the curb. I was sitting for about 5 minutes, crying and I heard some steps behind me. Guessing it was just people going by, I didn't look, until the steps stopped and someone sat beside me, I looked over, and it was Manson. He put an arm around me, looking at my (shredded) pass and handed me a kleenex, then told me to follow him.
He took me back stage, and I got to hang with the band and him, I had a blast. We went to the tour bus and they ordered pizza and we sat around eating, it was the best night of my life, and there isn't one person in this world who can tell me Manson is a horrible guy!

I know what he did, and I love him for it!"

"Last year, on the Dead to the World tour, I went to the Manson show here in Oklahoma City. I was really psyched cuz I had 3rd row tickets. About halfway through the third or fourth song (Reflecting God), an couple of guys picked me up and started crowdsurfing me. This is something I had no desire whatsoever to do. I ended up getting beat up pretty badly. I had 3 bruised ribs, my nose was bleeding, my shirt had been ripped off, and I had been kicked and punched several times. Finally (by about the end of the song), somehow, they threw me up on the stage, sort of like a sacrifice or something. From what I'm told (since I had passed out by then), Manson stopped and kind of picked me up and passed me to a couple of security guards and said something to them, and one of them carried me off. I woke up on the tour bus later, and Mr. Manson was sitting next to me, holding my hand. He told me what had happened (since I really didn't remember), and he gave me a tour shirt, which he and all the rest of the band had signed for me, and said "here... put this on... it's too cold to be without a shirt out here." Then he asked if I had eaten anything, and when I told him that I hadn't, he ordered a shitload of pizzas, and we all sat on the bus and munched and talked. It was so great. I didn't even care about the pain I was in, because I was sitting there with Marilyn Manson. And at the end of the night, before I left, all the band members (and even some of the roadies) gave me hugs, and Mr. Manson gave me 4 tickets and backstage passes to the Dallas show, and then he gave me a kiss and another hug before I left. Those are some of the most wonderful people I have ever met, and I will always love them for it!!!"

-- PsychoBitch

And let me add my Marilyn Manson story, though it's probably not the greatest, here goes:

It was March 23rd, 1999 in Dallas, and I had won a backstage pass to meet Marilyn Manson from the Radio Revolution, and was incredibly hyped. I was going back there to get an autograph for my friends son... so anyway. I get back there, and there are oh, 12 of us, waiting to meet him. So, here he is, all these people trying to swarm around him, getting autographs and such. I go, and lean on the table next to him, the table John5 and Pogo were sitting at, and just stood there, waiting for him to finish with the other fans, and almost got kicked in the leg by him cause he kept swinging his leg back and forth.

So finally, he turns to me, and I say hi, and so on. I then start to tell him the story of my friend. About how her husband died almost a year ago, and that he had been the only constant male role model in her son's life, and that he got her through many nights when she couldn't sleep from nightmares, because she had saw her husband accidentally shoot himself. He sat there, and listened, and he really cared about it, I could tell.

Finally, at the end, I asked him to sign an autograph for her son, and he said "Sure, sure, what's his name?"

I so meant to write him a letter to tell him everything he meant to me, and to my friends, but the look on his face when he heard the impact he had on the life of a little boy, that this little boy got his anger and pain at losing his father out through Marilyn Manson, was so worth it, because in that look, I could see how much he truly cared." -- Rev. Jess

"Acts of roadie kindness:

One fan traveled a long way to the Springfield, MA, show and wound up not having enough money to get a motel room.
MM roadie Mike Nastasi got worried about her deciding she was going to sleep in her car... so he gave her the key to his room and told her to sleep there.
He chose to spend the night on the crew bus so that Kristen would have a safe place to stay."